The sander contact is a machine tool that performs sanding with sandpaper to prepare the details of the plans in iron grinding and chamfering before painting operations.
It generally consists of a base that mounts on the upper part groups to smooth and on the lower part the conveyor belt for the advancement of the workpiece.


The sander contact can have one or more of our three sanding units, fitted with ribbons in grit sandpaper. The tape is held in tension on the top by a steel cylinder and at the bottom by a cylinder which is also made of steel or rubber coating which imparts the movement to the tape. The lower part of the tape is in contact with the workpiece to be polished. The workpiece to be polished is placed on the conveyor belt, adjustable in height, that the door under the tapes in sandpaper to be honed.
The machine is also always provided with an intake system of the machining dust.