ILMEA has machines and equipment suitable for the construction of parts of carpentry small and medium, both in normal and in stainless steel.

In particular, it produces:

  • rigid pipes for low pressure 
  • oil tanks and fuel 
  • couplings 
  • buckets 
  • baskets door person 
  • engine mounts 
  • canopy 
  • canopies protection 
  • carriage 
  • enclosures front 
  • rear canopies 
  • fenders 
  • and much more (all made to customer's design or in some cases proget-tion and disegnazione is realized by ILMEA in co-design with the client). 

All tanks are manufactured and constructed with leak testing and test certificates.

Primary objective of ILMEA the perspective of customer satisfaction, is not only to maintain the level of quality achieved through the continuous monitoring of process cycles and production, self-control subassemblies and assemblies welded, but continuous improvement through projects targeted training courses to employees.

The quality control department, in addition to traditional monitoring tools (micrometers, hardness tester, spectrophotometer, digital dynamometer, digital thickness gauge, glossimetro, scallop, X-rays, pads and calipers alisametri) was equipped with an electronic control arm that allows not only the micrometric measurement of the details but also the formalization of the surveys on paper.