Robotized Bending Cell

The robotic cell for bending and punching interlocking is composed of an LVD bending machine and a robotic arm on a starmatik track.


The Starmatik cell has specific characteristics, such as the FBS (Flexible Bending System) flexible bending system, which allows the automatic management of the work queues by automatically changing the tools of the bending machine, the robot gripper and the programs of the related NCs. This solution allows to reduce non-productive times and increase flexibility of use, increasing productivity even in the processing of small batches. The robotic cell for bending and punching interlocking is equipped with various options:

  • Sheet pre-loader to reduce the cycle time of a piece by an average of 10-15 seconds by carrying out sheet removal, thickness control and centering in masked time. 
  • Automatic loading and unloading solutions to allow the feeding and evacuation of the pieces without stopping the plant.
  • Vision system with one or more cameras that allows the robot to pick up the pieces from a crate even if they are in a random position, thus making any kind of preventive reordering procedure superfluous.